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+  Mike is President of M & R Information Services, Inc. Prior to starting M & R in 1991, Mike worked for state government in the Michigan Dept. of Commerce and Michigan Economic Development Commission where he created and operated a government-based consulting service to help Michigan employers develop workers' compensation cost containment strategies. During that work he spent a lot of time with agents and came to understand their need for good information when writing work comp policies for their customers. That inspired him to start M & R. Mike holds degrees from Wayne State University and University of Michigan.




+  Karen is Vice-President of M & R Information Services and has worked full-time at M & R for nine years. Before coming to M & R, she was a professor at Michigan State University. She is the author of over forty articles, books, and reports on workers' compensation and work-related disability. As well as teaching academic courses on work-related disability, she has also taught in the Workers' Compensation Certificate Program at Michigan State University. She has a B.A. from Wells College, a master's degree from West Virginia University, and a Ph.D. from MIT.
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